Where are you now?

How many shows do a reunion episode several years after they quit airing?  How many of us go to class reunions to see how much people have changed over the years?  Even social media wants to help us remember what was going in our past with daily reminders of pictures from years gone by.  But, is our place now really so focused on the physical that we totally forget about the heart.  The daily struggle to keep a right relationship with Jesus is about a growing and transforming heart.  To walk in step with Him does not come easy nor does it happen over night.  We must work on it every moment.  If I get running in front of Him, I lose sight of where He might have turned off, losing my way.  If I get lagging behind I can’t hear Him and tend to just wander off.  It is that in-step relationship He wants with us.  It is never Him who walks away from it, it is ALWAYS us that falls out of step.  We spend a lot of time trying to guess what is coming next, or worry ourselves to a stressful state about the “what ifs”.  None of this is easy, it comes at a cost.  It costs us time and commitment.  There are the statements, I can’t do this alone, or I just don’t have it in me.  Those are excuses.  Accountability is right around the corner.  Maybe a friend, a family member or a church group.  Do not give up on this.  So, the question is, where are you now?

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